What do you collect?

When you travel, what do you collect? We wanted to do the usual magnet but our home at the time was all inbuilt, so nowhere practical to put magnets. We then thought art pieces (and you’ll see below we started to try with Prague). We quickly decided against that, as short trips with hand luggage’s … More What do you collect?

Wedding photography

The Benson couple, we pretty much have you covered!: honeymoons (or simply holidays) bridesmaid dresses wedding dresses wedding (or event) photographyYou’ll find all you need to know about T&T on this site, but to know more on Photography by Remi Benson, visit: https://www.remibenson.co.uk/   Sneak peak below   Or if you’re looking for recommendations, we can … More Wedding photography

Sri Lanka – Adventures, relaxation, and memories to last a lifetime

Hi travellers   With borders re-opening, who’s felt comfortable flying already? I must admit, I want to hop back on that plane! But given we have an 8 month old, the hubby is more cautious than me, so we’re planning to staycation for the moment 😦 So for now, I’m more than happy to travel … More Sri Lanka – Adventures, relaxation, and memories to last a lifetime

The city that could have saved the world!

Hey everyone. Hope you’re keeping safe & sane? Hopefully lockdown restrictions are easing wherever you are and some form of normality is resuming for you. How many holidays have you had cancelled so far? In the Benson household we’ve had Spain, Poland & Jordan cancelled. We’ve now played it safe and waiting till October. Let’s … More The city that could have saved the world!

A surprise adventure

Hello travellers We’re so sorry it’s been nearly a year since our last blog. 2019 turned out to be a surprising and busy year. We’ve added a new member to the Benson family. We can’t wait to travel with our little man (Teniola Benson) and get him hooked to this travel lifestyle. We’re kickstarting 2020 … More A surprise adventure