A holiday to remember

Hi travellers. This month is a special treat to my hubby as the focus is Paphos (Cyprus). Why is Cyprus special?…… well, not only was 8th March his sisters birthday; not only was it national women’s day; not only was it 4 days before my birthday (and the reason for the trip)…. but….. it was the day Mr Remi B proposed to me! Yep. Had no clue whatsoever. Boy did good! Got on our flight with my sister, brother in law & another couple friend; got to the hotel & hubby started acting weird. Told me to let my sis check us in (which ain’t normal); then he led me out to the back of the hotel out to the garden. This is the first time I had experienced Remi shy & nervous. The ever confident Mr B! He was so nervous I could barely hear his words! He said it again when he then got on his knees. I then later found out that my sis wore the engagement ring through airport security coz he was scared security would beep him if he had it on him! Kudos to those that were there for keeping the secret and even more special when they came out to the garden half way through the proposal and share in our joy.

I was even more blown away when in the room, Remi (after getting over his shyness!) told me the full words he’d wanted to say through the proposal. I thank my husband for knowing how we function & wanting to maintain that; and yes, I remind him (when necessary) that he proposed on women’s day (it’s now a woman’s world!).

So, Paphos has a dear place in my heart. But is also a lovely town. By the sea so food was fresh and delicious (an important factor for determining most good Holidays! The foodie we are). It was great to relax and spa most days (you may spy hubby & his friend putting the worlds to rights in one of the images). Was great for exploring (we did tomb of the kings, buggy’s & watched our friends get tattoos!). And it was a great place for dancing. We typical Africans heard 1 song by D’banj playing & instantly we had to go in there. Hours later, we were very happy on 2for1 cocktails. Taxi drive evidence is still to hand for some of our friends (which cannot be shared!).

So, this is definitely great for the young’uns but they also have beaches for those who simply want to be a beach bum.

On that note, gotta dash as still gotta pack for our trip to Santorini in the morning (also with the same beautiful couple that joined us for Cyprus).

If you’re intrigued by our stories and want to travel with us, watch this space. T&T will be trialling something for 2018!

Bye for now xx #justAsktina

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