Cote D’Azur – A surprise find

Hi travellers

It’s rare to say this, but I’m actually enjoying our lovely summer weather in good old England!! (doesn’t happen often, so let’s make the most of it!). However, travelling is more than just good weather, there’s so much more: “the world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”. For me, it really is about exploring what else is out there; other cultures; other foods; other lifestyles. It makes for more tolerant and understanding people also. I ashamedly admit that I therefore have Venice, Bodrum, Istanbul and Santorini lined up to see me through the rest of 2017!

Enough of the rambling. Today we step into the south of France: Nice (Cote D’azur). I absolutely loved this place. It was by chance we went but I in no way regret it. I had a group holiday booked to celebrate my 30th last year to Egypt but due to economic situations, BA cancelled our flights. At short notice, I had to change locations and managed to find Nice at a very cheap price, including stay at 4* Radisson Blu with Seaview promenade location; so could not complain.

Where do I even begin? For those who love Cape Town, Nice is kind of a mini version. The French are so healthy. Daily bike rides & jogging across the sea front. Hubby & I frequently walked the sea front but never biked or jogged (I wish we were that kind of couple, but let’s not lie; we’d prefer to have a seat and drink in our hand!). You can catch a city tour bus, or the quaint tour trains to see the city. Take a stroll around the shops and sit at the many bistro’s to try a variety of foods.

What made Nice even more spectacular was the ease to get to other places. 40 minutes or so bus ride (and cheap) took us to Cannes, so we got to spend the day in Cannes too. Lights, Camera, Action = Awesome! Again, on one of the days, we took another bus ride (over an hour but still very reasonably priced) to Monaco. Now, it’s not the cheapest of places (even for a glass of coke), but to see where the F1 drove round, hubby was in his element. We got a city bus round Monaco too so we could see as much as we could in a day. And best of all, we were paying Nice prices for overnight stay (which is cheaper than staying in Cannes or Monaco). I very rarely visit places twice, as the world is so big, with so much to see; but definitely, we’d go back here again. Not gunna lie, we even had discussions about retirement, that’s how serene and peaceful it was (from a naija man who assumes retirement must be in Nigeria, this really does say a lot!).

Do enjoy browsing through the pictures, and if you have any questions to ask, please write a comment below and we’ll respond. I hope I’m able to inspire more people to travel and see the world, and share your experiences also.

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