Game of Thrones Adventure

Welcome to May’s travel adventure. Today we fly to Dubrovnik (Croatia), film location for the famous game of thrones. I have a confession to make. I don’t watch game of thrones and have never watched a full episode! But when you go to a movie set, you can’t but do the tour!

For the avid fans, there’s a “game of thrones” tour you should definitely do. It will take you across the old city walls and show you sets of parts of scenes. For a novice like me, it was still quite fascinating. And being on top of the walls with those amazing views was still worth it.

I’ve actually been to Dubrovnik twice. Yes! That’s how awesome it is. The quaint streets of Old Town Dubrovnik, finding a restaurant by the sea front and eating a large pot of mussel with wine… Heaven!

Dubrovnik really has something for everyone. For the elderly, you really will love strolling and finding little gems across the town. Take a break at the many bistro’s and restaurants offering decently priced delicious foods. Fill your water bottle with fresh water from the spectacular water fountain. For the more adventurous, if you’re not the Game of Throne enthusiast, fear not! You can catch a cable car to the top and then climb the old city walls (I’ve done both). That’s their history so it’s a must do.

You could also:

  • Go kayaking. You’ll need some strength! The sea wasn’t easy to stride through. Thank God for the husband who did most (if not all!!) the work
  • Take a day or overnight trip to Split, another town. You’ll need your passport to cross through so make sure to take that along with you (we didn’t know this and was scared we would be turned back!)
  • Take a city bus to see the main attractions. Dubrovnik really does have stunning views
  • Take a day trip to Montenegro – I’ve done this and it was very fascinating. The tour guide was great. Be aware, Montenegro take euros whereas Dubrovnik have their own currency
  • Check out the nightlife. For the young ones, it’s quite a fun spot (however, if you’re looking for heavy partying, go to Zrce beach near Zadar – another part of Croatia)

This place is really about resting and relaxing though and enjoying the day go buy. Explore and go down those quirky back streets. On our first day, we found a street that sold the best and cheapest tuna melt sandwich. My mouths’ watering just thinking about it again. And make sure you get a good deal on a 5* hotel, so you can enjoy the spa, the views, and possibly even be treated to a champagne arrival!

Next month will be a little later than usual as Mr Benson and I are on a road trip: New York, Philadelphia and Washington! See you then

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