“Jamaica, Take life easy”

Hello travellers! Hope you enjoyed our trip to Mauritius last month. Today, we step into Montego Bay, Jamaica. A beautiful, relaxed place that is a must for your bucket list.  I was fortunate to go to Montego Bay for a cousin’s wedding. But it highlighted how much better the place is with a group of people – so if you’re looking for locations for a group of you, Jamaica is the one. Now, I originally said I wasn’t one to lounge about all day doing nothing, but here, you can do that without getting bored and not even realising all you’re doing is eating, sunbathing, drinking and simply relaxing!  If you do Montego Bay, the best thing to do is go all inclusive. It’s not the cheapest of locations, but with all inclusive, you need not hunger or thirst! The amount of restaurant’s and variety of foods available was absolutely awesome. Honestly, you will need to do exercise when you return as you do put on a few pounds. But the food is so delicious, it’s simply worth it.

Just a snapshot of what we did:

  1. Relaxing: wake up from your hotel room, come out to the beautiful sun, sea & sand, find a sun lounger and that’s your spot for the rest of the day! In between, play volleyball (or beach activities) with your group or other hotel guests; play board games (available free to rent); get involved with arranged resort activities (I’m proud to say, Hubby won a drinking game!); make use of the free water sports; be a big kid again and go on the water rides (yes, I totes loved this!); dip in the pool and situate yourself in a nice spot by the pool bar; get a beautiful tan; drink as many free cocktails as you can (just remember to keep eating and stay hydrated!) ; and for the healthy ones, you can also have your gym sessions. There’s pretty much something for everyone.
  2. Swim with dolphins: this has been on my bucket list since forever, and I was so happy to be able to tick it off my list. It is one of the most amazing experiences. To touch their smooth skin; hug them and swim with them (holding their fins) was certainly a once in a lifetime experience. Again, you don’t need to be a swimmer for experiences like this. You’ll have on a life jacket so all is safe with the world. Check out pictures below – you’ll see from the hug I gave the dolphin how truly happy I was! Be prepared to pay a fair amount to buy pictures of the experience, or have someone with you who will be taking pictures from the side-lines
  3. Climb the famous Dunns River: get ready to get wet, wet, wet! Take good shoes with you to climb the slippery rocks but it’s certainly fun making it to the top
  4. Try the nightlife: Margaritaville is the place to try. Lots of fun; opens till early hours of the morning so be ready to go out late. Be prepared for lots of drinking and smoking around you
  5. Luminous Lagoon: check out at night the glistening waters of Montego Bay. This bay glows a very pretty blue. Drink and relax on the boat as your tour guide explains the natural wonder of this lagoon
  6. Make the most of the scene: for any couples, you’ll feel as though you’re on a second honeymoon. Hubby & I took the chance to take some more snaps together


We also wanted to make our way to Kingston to see the Bob Marley Museum, but we were too relaxed to want to do the drive! However, I would highly recommend seeing the museum if you can (ensure you start your journey early in case of mudslides on the motorway!). Another place to try (again, we didn’t quite make it due to wedding shenanigans) is Ricks Cafe, Negril. For the brave hearted, try jumping off the cliffs. And last but not least, try bamboo rafting at Martha Brae River. Make sure you get your man to be the one to raft so you sit back and relax; it’s so romantic. You certainly won’t be bored in this country.

You might also be wondering why this blog is titled “take life easy”; well, that’s because it’s the motto out there. No worries; no stress; “take life easy”. Everyone is laid back and happy, you can’t help but join in the spirit.

On that note, I’ll say goodbye, as I get ready to pack for my next travels: Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Ibiza! See you next month where we’ll visit Florida. We’ll also give some hints and tips on how you can travel often also.

Remember to contact us (@yinkusbebe) for any travel needs

To watch the video, visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTSMUc1V9yQ

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