Mauritius: the honeymoon adventure

Today we focus on Mauritius. A beautiful and affordable honeymoon destination. My husband and I did Mauritius ourselves (along with a stop over destination in Dubai).
Why Mauritius?
* Sandy beaches
* Perfect sunny weather with glistening seas
* Fantastic water sports (north Mauritius in places like Grand Baie)
* Luxury affordable all-inclusive hotels
* Exciting experiences (Zip lining; walking with lions; visit crocodiles; under water sea walk; and so much more)
* Pleasant locals
 Click on the pictures to see a little of the beauty of what is Mauritius. It has something for the daring and also for the beach bums.
 What did hubby and I specially do?:
 – Walking with lions: 10 minutes literally in the lions den! 5 lions in the den. Hubby & I went inside to stroke and pose with the lions! For a strong “mans man”, this is the first time I ever saw hubby genuinely scared! He stayed alert for the full 10 minutes inside! Me, I was loving it (you’ll notice from my huge smile in the picture vs hubby who was more solemn!).
For the more daring, you could actually go for a walk with the lions for a full 1 hour – I have to say, even I have my limits and couldn’t do that one; 10 minutes was good enough!
Under water sea walking: for those who can’t swim, this is the perfect activity for you. You’ll be driven by boat out to sea and stopped in a location to climb in the water and simply walk on the seabed. Yes, you heard right! You’ll wear a scuba diving helmet so you can breath normally underwater. Simply relax and watch the beautiful fishes swim around you. Try and stoke them, see how quickly they go! If you ever do it, don’t leave your hand out too long when the fishes come to take the bread from your hand, you just might feel a nip! (yes, hubby left his hand out a tad too long as the fishes nibbled on the bread!). Click on the video to see this amazing experience.
Zip-lining. Hubby and I swung through trees on the highest line in Mauritius. The thrill and freedom, along with stunning views below was worth it all. This ones certainly not for the faint hearted though! You need some guts to swing off those ledges onto the other side, and looking down below to see the ground so far down!
Private tour: Hire a personal driver to take you round the east, south, north or east of the coast. They’re fairly cheap and give you lots of history. Great way to see the hidden gems that is Mauritius.
Lastly, rest and relax. Although I’m not one to sunbathe for long, if that’s what you’re looking for, Mauritius is the one. With beachfront hotels, you can simply stroll from your hotel room to the beach. Dip in the crystal waters then lay on the sandy beach. It really is heaven on earth. And be sure to have dinner at sunset on the beach to top your stay off. It truly is romantic and perfect for a honeymoon.
So, that’s a sneak peak into the beautiful coast. If you want to go there, here at T&T Consultancy, we also put together travel packages for you. Get in touch via the contact and we’ll put together bespoke packages to suit your needs at affordable prices.

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