Red Light Fun; But there’s more than meets the eye!


Happy July. Are you not just loving England right now! This is the kind of weather we pay for in other countries. I am certainly not complaining about the heat!!

Anyways, this month is a special travel blog. I bring you his & hers experience! We are off to Amsterdam!

Soo, I’m sure we all have ideas on what Amsterdam is meant to be about. I’m not a smoker so I’ve always known I wouldn’t travel to Amsterdam with the hubby – needed him to do that by himself to get it out of his experience before we ventured there together!. I therefore went with 2 of my girlfriends and we had a blast. Yes, it’s everything people say it is, but it’s also one of the most safest and beautiful city! We totally loved it, with lots to do:

1. Our hotel was about a 10 minute tram ride to the main place to be (Dam square / red light district) as we stayed by the music arena. This saved us on money and we didn’t feel like we were too far away as the trams were so frequent and ran till the early hours of the morning

2. Explore and get lost. On our first day by the music arena, we simply walked the Streets and got lost. We tried to ask for “brownies” which they didn’t serve (we soon found out it was by the red light tourist district that you can get this!)

3. Do the touristy things; main 2 highlights being Anne Frank House & Van Gough museum. Both were amazing. The queue for Anne frank is long so be prepared to queue & get there early, but the house is worth the wait. “To build a future, you have to know the past”, Otto Frank, 1967. For the bike lovers, this city is the place to hop on a bike and explore (not for me though!)

4. Experience the Red light district. Walk through the main centre of Amsterdam, by the canal, Leidseplein, Dam square, and end the night looking through the windows at the ladies. Ain’t gunna lie, some of them were beautiful! But you must look closely!; one of them, after realising we weren’t interested, decided to show us the other male anatomy they had on their body! Oh, the sight! We also got propositioned for a threesome whilst walking the streets. But at the end of it all, we walked the streets safely, 3 young-ish girls, and just felt awed by it all

5. Shake a leg & get happy. So, the girls I went with aren’t raucous but they did try the brownie at the start of a night out. They got happy that’s for sure, which made for a fun night. Unfortunately I can’t share some classic videos unless the girls would kill me! They’ve been put under lock & key!! We basically drank cocktails & bar hopped. Highly recommended! One of them also tried a smoke; so, who says Amsterdam can’t be enjoyed by everyone!

6. Be a big kid! Run through the waters that come up from the ground for kids! And check out the sex shops as though you never really would if it wasn’t for the fact you weren’t in Amsterdam!!!

7. On the last day when you’re flying back, so can never do much, Vondel Park was a perfect ending to the trip. We chilled, took a stroll & played games in the park. Having good friends for this trip made it all the more better

Now to hubby’s (Remi’s) perspective (I want to add here that hubby asked me not to judge him when he was updating me on his experience!!)

“Having heard about Amsterdam and what you typically should do, it’s always been on my list to do. Thanks to my cousin from America coming all the way to join me on the trip, and the wife for booking the flight & hotel and forcing us to get on with it and just go (men can overthink!). As a dude, we knew what we were there for! Last time I’d smoked was aged 18-20 so, as we say, we knew we were going to Amsterdam to go & “sow our royal oaths”! (If you know, you know!). Let’s just say, anything you wanna do is legal there so take your pick.

Two lads in Amsterdam was fun. We went to the coffee bars, smoked a little bit (caution: drugs are bad for kids!); visited the red light district to see the ladies (hats off to them, they’re brave for the kind of job they do; and hats off to the men too, hope you didn’t come back with any STD’s!!). We attended a Festival for 2 of the days whilst there and did lots of drinking and a bit of clubbing. The hotel location was prefect in Dam square. The unfortunate thing is that we didn’t have our tour rep so didn’t see any tourist stuff #TinaBenson! We basically saw the city from a lads point of view. Sex, drugs and rock & roll. It took my body 2 days to recover when back home! Forgot I’m not a spring chicken again! I’d love to go back there one day with my wife, to do what tourists do. But for lads, it was definitely fun fun fun!”

So, whether you’re a guy or girl, definitely put Amsterdam to your travel list! We’d definitely go back

I’m off to the garden to enjoy the sun. See you next month!

To watch the video (with a little bit more shared!), visit our youtube page:

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