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Hello travellers! We have a special blog this month. Hopefully you will have read our previous blog on Malta, from a tourist perspective (if you haven’t, be sure to do so, as Malta is a great, affordable tourist destination):

I now have an exciting opportunity taking me back to Malta working with Executive Escapes. If you’re a business man or entrepreneur, get tuned in.

So, what’s it all about? Executive escapes is a unique luxury lifestyle concept exclusively for entrepreneurs that brings business and leisure together in a refreshing way. Entrepreneurs will get to experience Malta, a luxury destination like never before. 4 – 8 October. That’s 5 days of relaxation, and rejuvenation for mind, body and business!

The 5 day trip will cover networking and sessions from inspirational, international speakers and experts within theindustry. You will see the best of local and foreign businesses, creating a platform for potential business ideas, ventures and more.

Sounds like a phenomenal opportunity, I’m sure you’re telling yourself. And it is! For someone like me, T&T Consultancy, a small home business, the chance to network with likeminded people and investigate other opportunities and avenues of working with others is exciting. My husband will be coming along also, Remi Benson photography, covering the event, and for him, he’s already excited about the opportunities that could become available.

So whether you’re a small or large business, the same opportunities await you in Malta. This is a great location chosen. With its luxury hotels, luxury bays, beaches, and lots of activities to do; where else would a hard working entrepreneur want to network, then go on to relax? But what’s even better is that Malta has more excitement than meets the eye! When you think of Malta, do you think of party animal? No? Neither did I! But Executive Escapes are opening our eyes to the endless possibilities there are in Malta. On 6 October, they’ll be taking you on a half day cruise, with complimentary drinks on-board, beach games/activities; followed by a pool party, with guest artists and BBQ dinner served at sunset. I’m excited for this. It’s certainly the sophisticated way to party. Definitely worthy for all the hard working business people and entrepreneurs! It’s true what they say: those at the top know how to party! Work hard, play harder!

To dream big means taking that step forward. This could be your next step. Why wait? Or if you want to come along and see how these entrepreneurs party, that will be an experience in itself!

If you’re intrigued and want to have this once in a lifetime opportunity, there’s still time to book. For more info, visit: . If you book, make sure to quote TTC15

If you know me, you’ll know I’m not a hard core party animal! So I will be learning from the pros. Even better, I’ll be vlogging throughout the business leisure break, so you too can have a sneak peek into Executive escapes luxury lifestyle!

Stay tuned to @justAsktina_travels on Instagram and twitter during 5 – 8 October to watch all about it.

See you in a few days when we Visit Malta

Author: Tina Benson


Photo: Salini Resort, Malta (Executive Escapes location. Now, who wouldn’t want to join?)

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