The City on Water

I can’t believe it’s nearly time to say goodbye to 2018!

Venice has always been a close win on our monthly blog votes, so we thought we’d end the year telling you about this beautiful city on water.

It’s funny, now having been to Venice, and travelling elsewhere, and seeing them title their own “Venice”! For example, in Hong Kong, Taio Village was the Venice of Asia. Why? Because it had homes on water! Let’s just say, there’s no comparison to the real Venice!

On arrival, we absolutely loved the concept of getting around anywhere by water boats or water taxi. I mean, how cool is that? Just grab a boat at all the many stops as easily (if not better!) than catching a bus in England. We were fortunate with the hotel we stayed at, especially as during drinks in the hotel bar, none other than Clint Eastwood was dining with his family just a few tables away from us! Don’t know what you’re all like, but our travel group tried to play it cool whilst taking a sneaky picture of him! We found out he was in Venice shooting a film, so already, this was a great start to our break.

Venice is a relatively small city, so you can see a lot in just 2 nights stay. Here are some top tips of what to do:

1. Chill in St Mark’s Square. Grab an ice cream, feed pigeons (if that’s you’re thing), bask in the sun and buzz happening in the piazza

2. Go inside St Mark’s basilica. It is beautiful inside

3. Go inside Doge’s Palace

4. Walk along Rialto Bridge and this is a nice area to dine with the views of the bridge

5. Take a gondola trip on the canal. It’s legendary, you can’t go to Venice and not do it!

6. Get the water bus and just get off each stop. Explore and see what you find. We found a building with hands appearing to crawl out of the water and up the building (we’re so easily pleased!)

7. Visit the glass factory to see how glass is made.

8. Catch the water boat to the Lido and enjoy some relaxing beach time. We also took the bike around the lido to explore that area a little bit more

For me, I especially liked this city as it was a city, the water transportation making it unique, but also a few stops away from the beach also; so going in August, we also had our beach fix as well, which we hadn’t expected.

As you will know, Venice was recently flooded; and it was sad to see half of Realto Bridge and St Marks square under water. So for those who take global warming serious, get Venice on your to do list soon!

Enjoy the few photos below, and we have show you more of Venice on our YouTube channel:

We’re keeping it short and sweet this month as it’s the festive period and it’s time for family fun and movies.

Thanks to all our followers and wishing you all a fantastic Christmas and even more wonderful New Year

Tina Benson
T&T Consultancy



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