Athens – City of the Gods

Happy new year travellers

What are your 2019 travel plans? At T&T Consultancy, we’d love to interact more with our travellers this year, so please do join in the travel conversation! For me, we’ve got in the pipeline: Portugal, Slovenia, Thailand, Rome and France; just to see us through the first 8 months at least. Why do we do this? To have something to look forward to. How do we afford it? We take lunch to work! We only buy clothes when we need it. We basically spend wisely so we can enjoy a little more on our hobbies. So, what do you want to achieve this year?

Anyway, back to our travel spot for this month. We’re taking you to Athens, Greece. Now, I may have mentioned in previous blogs that to date, I’ve loved every Greek island we’ve visited, and Athens didn’t disappoint us. The location was affordable enough for us to stay in a 5* so we may have enjoyed it a little bit more! This is a great location for a short getaway.

So what’s there to do:
1. Obviously, take the hop on hop off. Can you tell I swear by this mode of sight seeing! It will take you to most of the below points listed
2. See the famous Acropolis – the beautiful hilltop temple monument. A visit in the day time is a must. And at night, either at a restaurant or your hotel, be sure to do dinner at sunset with views behind of the Acropolis
3. By the Acropolis you’ll find the Parthenon (temple ruins) and old temple of Athena
4. Stop by the Panathenaic stadium. We were really fortunate that a race was going on during our visit so we got to enter and watch for free, and enjoy all the awesome stalls and activities going on
5. Stop by Hellenic Parliament to check out the guards
6. You can’t go to Athens and not see the temple of Zeus. I’m not up to speed on my Greek mythology but being in Athens seeing this history was a little majestic somehow
7. Take half a day trip to the port of Piraeus (the port of Athens)
8. Enjoy shopping & eating. In Athens we didn’t have to do my military outings! It’s a cultural city, relatively small, so you can slow the pace and enjoy your time. Be sure to ask for a traditional shot before your meal, great way to definitely get your afternoon started. Remi & I were really intrigued to see the hustle and bustle of Athens actually. The media portrays one thing, but this city was certainly thriving and a great atmosphere
9. Enjoy the nightlife. We certainly did. And this is the only country I have found that served me miniature Asti bottle at a bar. For that, Athens ranks high in my books already!! (If you know, you know!)
10. For any lounge lovers, I’d advise not to waste your money (if you don’t get free access). Athens waiting area at the airport was lush (it felt like we were actually in an executive lounge)

Sharing our travel experiences we hope entices our budding travelistas to try these locations if you’ve not ventured their yet. So I hope it’s worked, but it’s also very hard for us, as it just wants to make us go back there all over again! Shame the world is too large to consider retracing our steps just yet!

Visit our youtube page for all travel videos including this months’ Athens vlog:

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