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Hi travellers

What a unique turn of events 2020 has brought us. Travel is put on hold and we need to park our adventurous selves on the shelf for the time being. But keep up the spirit; And take your vitamins, keep your immune systems boosted and remain hygienic. This too will pass.

Whilst we can’t physically travel (for us, Spain is cancelled next month and we’re holding our breaths for May/June travel plans), we can still provide hints and tips of our previous locations. So for when you can get travel bound again, you’ve got the tools to decide what amazing holiday you can treat yourselves to, to make up for this break.

As chosen by our readers, this month focuses on Hong Kong. Whatever your feelings are towards China or the Asia’s right now, is not our travel blog debate. What I can simply say is that Hong Kong was a fantastic city break, but remember to bring enough money (dough, wonga! Whatever your currency!), as it’s not the cheapest of locations. We spent 3 nights as we usually do on a city break, but you could easily spend at least 5 nights, if not longer. I personally will be going back there as we didn’t get time to go into Ocean Park to see live Panda’s – and now we have Teni, very glad we didn’t go in, to force us back there and show this amazing city to our amazing little bubba!

Here’s a snapshot of our adventures in Hong Kong, but as advised, there are lots more you could do:

1. Take the funicular peak tram up to Victoria Peak. Be prepared to wait in line (even with a fast entry!), or get there early to avoid crowds. The views at the Peak is amazing (as it’s the highest hill in Kong Kong), so a time to watch the sunset may be better

2. Take a tour to Lantau Island. There you’ll find the grand Tian Tan Buddha, sitting proudly. Be prepared to pay a little extra to walk up the extra steps to get right in front of Tian Tan Buddha.

3. Whilst at Lantau Island, hop inside the Ngong Ping 360 (gondola lift) which circles round the island, for some breathtaking views. You’ll find some unique things whilst on the island, and if you’re random like myself & my husband, you’ll find within our video, a selfie with a cow! Because why not?!

4. If you’re lucky to visit at a time when avenue of the stars is open, be sure to visit. It was unfortunately closed when we were there, but we did spy Bruce Lee’s statue through the barriers!

5. Go for drinks at Sky 100 Observatory deck, again for the beautiful views

6. Take the hop on hop off – because there is so much to see & do in Hong Kong, there are 3 bus lines that takes you everywhere needed, so the ticket is definitely worth it. Remember to hop off in the shopping district and get lost in the hustle and bustle (or you can go to the mall inside the Ocean centre). With the electronics, hubby engulfed himself in browsing anything he could find for his photography gadgets! The night bus tour is also worth it.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you could actually take their tube system around the key tourist landmarks quite easily, but you won’t get the commentary/history behind what you’re seeing, and be ready for a very busy underground!

7. Temple Street night market – get yourself some tasty local foods

8. Take a trip to Tai O Fishing Village (famous fishing village). You’ll get to see one of the stilt houses, and how their “toilet” system works. It’s also dubbed the “Venice of the Orient”, but I’ll let you judge for yourself about that! Keep an eye out for white Chinese dolphins whilst taking the boat trip to the village. We were fortunate to spot one!

9. Ride the worlds longest escalator – stretching over 800metres. It’s a mix of outdoor and covered escalators central-mid levels walkway system. Unfortunately parts of the escalator was closed whilst we were there and hubby thought I was a weirdo for wanting to walk it!

10. Catch a boat ride from Wong Chuk Hang Shum wan Pier to the famous jumbo kingdom floating restaurant (serving seafood)

11. Relax and take it all in at Victoria Harbour

The list could go on (like taking a ride on the skinniest tram we have ever seen!), but I must stop somewhere! You’ll definitely find something you love in this hustling & bustling city.

To touch on something our black readers may be wondering: Unlike Moscow where we experienced clear racism, we only had 1 encounter in Hong Kong from a fellow Asian tourist, but nothing that ruined our day!

I hope our Hong Kong diary has given a positive insight into this part of Asia and potentially changed some people’s views

Stay safe all & keeping all our fingers and toes crossed that we’ll get to hop back on that plane very soon

Much love x

T&T Consultancy



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