The city that could have saved the world!

Hey everyone. Hope you’re keeping safe & sane? Hopefully lockdown restrictions are easing wherever you are and some form of normality is resuming for you.

How many holidays have you had cancelled so far? In the Benson household we’ve had Spain, Poland & Jordan cancelled. We’ve now played it safe and waiting till October. Let’s pray we can fly away to the Seychelles and Abu Dhabi then! Fingers crossed for us guys!As always, this months blog is voted for by our readers, so we’re off to Vienna. The most striking thing I remember about this place was the upmost cleanliness. With its large beautiful clean underground’s, clean streets and happy / relaxed people. Did you also know that well before he became the Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler moved to Vienna in hopes of attending the art academy and becoming a great artist. Unfortunately he didn’t make the cut to get into the academy, and well, he found a new path in life, and the rest is history. This really struck a chord with me as life is full of many chances or doors closed. How do we respond and how do we create our own fate / destiny?

This train of thought actually is what got hubby & I on a new venture to give back during Covid. 1 lucky winner could get their whole wedding free! That’s right! To know more, check out @win_mywedding

Anyway, enough philosophy! Let’s give you a quick itinerary overview!

Right from the airport, it’s easy to hop on the train and head into the centre of Vienna to then make it to your hotel, so if you’re feeling brave, get on board and enjoy the adventure / ride.
Book a spot to watch the Spanish riding school. You will not be disappointed. The horses and their riders have some mad skills
Take my ever so well rated Hop on hop off Bus!
Visit Schonbrunn palace at your hop on hop off stop. Vienna’s number one tourist attraction and an absolute wonder inside and out, with its famous yellow paint. Schonbrunn was the magnificent summer residence of the Habsburg rulers. The Habsburg were one of the two most powerful continental European royal families, dominating European politics for nearly five centuries; and only came to a collapse during the First World War.
Belvedere garden – one of Europe’s most significant historical gardens. A masterpiece to view and stroll through
Eat traditional schnitzel (for any meat eaters). It was an acquired taste so be mindful, but it’s always worth trying different foods and embracing people’s cultures. Ask yourself when you travel, are you a tourist or are you a traveller?
Watch the world pass you by as you dine & relax by the Danube Canal
Visit the Christmas market – depending on what time of year you go, the festive market is a must. One of the most famous in the world
Enjoy the art – around the streets you’ll find quirky art pieces around. In this new age of Instagram, you’ll get a lot of great selfie spots!
A little tip, if you go on to tripadvisor or Viator, you’ll see other great ideas of what to do in various cities and also pre-book, making your stay more effortless and hopefully more enjoyable.
I’m off to enjoy some back garden fun in this beautiful sunshine
See you next month!
Tina Benson
T&T Consultancy

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