Iceland – The Land of Fire and Ice

Hello travellers

Here we are again, still stuck in the pandemic, if not, with even further restrictions than when this all began. Keep the faith, we can only get through this. And no doubt, there will be a travel boom when this is past, or definitive travel precautions ironed out and put into place.

For now, we’re taking you back to Iceland, a Nordic island country in the North Atlantic Ocean. Another great location chosen by you, our readers. 

Our blogs take you through the itinerary we did, so do remember there’s always more to do in a place. It all depends on what your personal interests are. If you’re looking for inspiration, google is a great place to start, and to book tours, I’m a great fan of Viator and Get Your Guide (Viator being more expensive).

Iceland is definitely the coldest country I’ve been to (followed by Russia!). And I’ll admit, I wasn’t dressed or prepared for it! So if you intend to do this location, be prepared (I’m more built for the sun, sea and sand!). But I don’t regret going to this scenic and beautiful land. Made even better with a group of likeminded friends. 

Here’s a whistle stop tour itinerary:

1. Bathe in the Blue Lagoon (geothermal heated pool). Ideal to do on arrival or departure as it’s just a 10 minute drive from the airport. There are lots of scheduled buses from the airport to make your planning easier. Make sure to book your tickets in advance as it can get busy, being a popular location, and one that’s definitely worth the visit. You’ll have to brace the brief moment in your swim wear to walk outside into the lagoon, but once in, you’ll be happy and warm, and glad you did it. Enjoy a glass of champagne (or juice), and within the package, get yourself the mud mask to put on your face. Definitely made for a fun experience! 

2. See the Northern Lights. My lack of clothing preparation hindered my northern lights experience, so I had no one else to blame but myself! Going out in the dead of the night was the most freezing experience ever. The tour bus drove us to the perfect spot, and then expected us to walk by foot, outside of the lovely warmth, to go and see the lights! Remi & I couldn’t bring ourselves to leave the bus! A few others in our group did go out and on return, confirmed they’d seen the lights. Was I disappointed, a little! So we’re now planning to go to Lapland (Finland) to get another opportunity to see the lights, but be better wrapped up! Be warned, you apparently needed an app on your phone to see the Aurora lights – not sure if this is just Iceland, but I guess we’ll find out in Finland! 

3. See the Seljalandsfoss waterfalls. You can walk behind the waterfall, and really feel like you’re “chasing waterfalls”. It was so much fun, like being a kid again! It can be very slippy so wear appropriate footwear and take along a rain cover.

4. On to another waterfall – Gulfoss Waterfall – very different from Seljalandsfoss. Gulfoss translates “Golden Falls”. All I can say is that this is a must. It’s so majestic and refreshing. Follow the trail and you’ll be led to the Geysir. Erupting every 6-10 minutes, the waters reach 15-20 meters high, really showcasing the power of water. Magnificent! 

5. For our last tour, we hired a car and drove 2.5 hours to Dyrhólaey. Well well worth it. It really is picture perfect. Here, you’ll have a chance of seeing Iceland’s iconic bird – The Atlantic Puffin, and walk on the black beach. Make sure to spot the “Arch with the Hole” – the main attraction of this location. Honestly, the serenity alone was worth it.
6. Finally, as you’ll be staying in Reykjavik, you have to see the area. Take a stroll and explore. And whilst there, grab yourself their famous Icelandic hotdog at the Baejarins Betztu Pylsur street food van.

Despite the cold, Iceland was an amazing bucket list ticked off. And the cold added to the atmosphere and ambience of the country for sure.

Do take money with you, as food is not cheap, given most things are imported in. But most definitely worth the money!

I hope you enjoyed that whistle stop tour, and see you next time, when hopefully we would have escaped the country! 

Tina Benson

T&T Consultancy 

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