Mykonos – An unusual baby-moon spot

Mykonos is typically known as the party town. But hubby & I actually came here for a baby moon – 1 month before my due date! And we got exactly what we needed. So I always say (and believe), you get from any country, whatever it is you came to find. 

If you’ve visited Mykonos & Santorini, I’d love to hear your opinion on which you preferred. For me, both cities were lovely, but I felt like there was more to do and see in Santorini, so for me, the vote goes to Santorini. But that doesn’t take away the beauty of Mykonos

Firstly, choose a beautiful hotel – it makes all the difference with this town. We had our own private outdoor pool – bit cold for the season we travelled – but still used by our crazy Mr B! The view over the bay was also amazing, and in the evenings, we often sat and chilled, watching the sunset, Mr B with a cocktail, and me with my juice (although would have much preferred a cocktail in my hand!)

Choose a location that puts you right in the town, or where you can easily walk to. Our hotel was just a 10 minute stroll into town, which was perfect, as it gave us daily exercise. Be mindful though as they don’t have pavements. So walking, particularly in the dark, could be quite dangerous. 

Key locations to see:

1. Mykonos windmills – the windmills have become a symbol of the island, and you’ll find seven in a row. Perfect selfie spot 

2. Little Venice – the perfect spot for a bite to eat and drink, and watch the waves crashing against the rocks (we got soaked at one point, but that was all the more fun!). 

3. Old harbour – not too far from little Venice, you’ll find the harbour, with Mykonos town hall and a church. Here, you can catch boat trips. With our lazy head on, we didn’t plan ahead to book trips we needed, so on this occasion, didn’t do (but would recommend), a boat trip to the island of Delos – a UNESCO world heritage site 

4. Matogianni street – get lost in the cobbled streets and alleys of the town, whilst browsing all the amazing stores and souvenirs available. You will definitely get lost as it all looks similar!

5. Get a car hire, and take a road trip to the beach. We made our way over to Paradise beach (usually a very lively resort, but be sure to go in-season if you’re after this), and whilst enroute, stopped off to see anything that took our interest. We also stopped by a popular village – Ano Mera, one of the oldest villages in Mykonos. The centre is set around a large square where you’ll find cafes, taverns and cobbled streets, and a really rustic vibe. Perfect chill spot to grab a spot of lunch. 

A long break away is the perfect length of stay in Mykonos, and certainly met what we were looking for. 

I hope these blogs give you inspiration for your next travel destinations. If ever you’d like further help, don’t hesitate to get in touch: 

Here’s hoping Boris re-opens the travel corridor soon so we can start jet-setting off again! Fingers crossed for tomorrow’s announcement! 

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