Ljubljana – The Perfect Chill Spot

Hi travellers 

With just a few days to go till we find out the roadmap for international travel, I’m sure we’re all excited and hopeful. 

On the plus, from 12 April, domestic travel is permitted across the UK, for BnB / self catered properties, and then hotel stays from 17 May. There is hope on the horizon. 

Me, I’m here waiting till the announcement then I’ll be on my laptop booking and lining up the rest of my year! 

Now to this months travel destination….. Ljubljana in Slovenia. A random location you might ask? Probably. I went with a girlfriend and we generally tend to choose random things! But boy was it one of the best city breaks ever. So relaxed and beautiful. Here’s a brief itinerary of what you could do if you went (and note, from the UK, flights are fairly cheap to get to, and hotel prices are pretty decent, so win-win):

1. Treat yourself to a quality hotel stay. We booked at the Radisson Blu Plaza and it was so comfortable. And the spa was amazing. Be aware though that nude spa is permitted, and is a shared male & female facility, as we abruptly found out! 

2. See the views from Ljubljanski grad (castle). Originally a medieval fortress, now a key landmark of the town. 

3. Enjoy traditional food. With so many cafes and restaurant options, you can eat your heart out. And the food was yum. The hosts are also very friendly. I usually find octopus quite rubbery, but here, I had the best octopus dish ever (and ya’ll know I’m a big foodie!) 

4. Visit the Museum of Modern Art 

5. I’m usually a fan of the hop on hop off bus, as you know! But here, you can simply take a stroll through the town. It’s fairly small, and you’ll get to key landmarks such as Tivoli Park, Republic Square, Zvezda Park (all amazing to see. Take your time and enjoy the moment)

6. Do a spot of shopping, and on your way, you might find some locals performing, and creating the best atmosphere. Why not also stop off along their lock bridge? If you’re that type of person 🙂 Paris was most famous for this, but a lot of a cities have now copied.

7. Grab a drink and a bite to eat along the riverside. Little did I know this would be the last time I enjoyed alcohol for the next 18 months! 

8. Take a boat trip along the river in Ljubljana 

9. Enjoy a night out. You’ll find whatever you came there for! Me & my girl just wanted to shake a leg and drink good cocktails. 

10. Finally, and best of all, take a day trip to Lake Bled. It should be added to one of the wonders because it is simply breathtaking and serene. On your tour, you’ll get to hop on a pletna boat cruise and visit the town of radovljica (a medieval old town)

Whilst I reminisce on what a great time has in Ljubljana, I hope it’s been intriguing enough for you to add it to your travel list, you really won’t be disappointed.

Now here’s hoping we make it out on our family holiday in June to Antalya! 

See you next time… I wonder which country we’ll take you too next?….

Tina Benson
T&T Consultancy 

One thought on “Ljubljana – The Perfect Chill Spot

  1. So many great tips here! We’ve thought about Ljublana for a while, ever since we heard that the Christmas market was apparently great there. It seems it’s very beautiful and chill there all year round ^^

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